Mergers & Acquisitions

Letting you focus on business

Linkara Capital business brokers provide specialised services to business. We have generated a significant network of national and international buyers for businesses with an enterprise value of $1 million and upwards. Working with our clients our first objective is to build a relationship of trust and understanding. It is from here that we can advise our clients on the appropriate course of action to begin the process of either selling or buying their business.

Buying a new business is exciting and daunting. Linkara Capital undertakes an active search process for each client to identify opportunities in line with their established criteria. We will present you with a variety of opportunities, which meet your requirements, to select from.

Searching for the right business to buy can be exhausting. Understanding the stages involved in the purchase of a business and the associated legal requirements can be challenging, daunting even. Linkara Capital offers you expertise in these areas to provide you with a professional, hassle free transaction.

The decision to sell a business is made with intense consideration. Linkara Capital understand the difficulty in taking this first step. We will assist you in your decision to sell, determine the best time for it and lead you through the sale process – helping you to understand each stage. We make this process efficient and profitable for our clients. Our experienced team understands the time necessary for a business sale and the many stages involved in such a complex transaction. We believe our clients must remain informed of the progress, have time to focus on operating their business and, more importantly, plan for their future.

Selling your business may be one of the most difficult business decisions you will make. When selling you only have one chance to get it right. The ability to analyse a business, prepare and present it for sale comes from many years experience. Linkara Capital streamline the sale of your business to ensure your experience is rewarding and profitable.

If you are buying or selling a business, Linkara Capital will keep you informed and involved at all stages of your transaction. You need to be informed about what is happening as well as understand your rights and obligations.

An information memorandum (IM) is a document compiled by Linkara Capital to present all significant information to an interested purchaser. The IM provides the potential purchaser with information relating to your business which allows them to make a comprehensive assessment of the business and its worth before making a decision to purchase. Linkara Capital’s experience in preparing IMs has allowed us to refine our research and document presentation techniques to provide our clients with a professional, informative and accurate IM, detailing all necessary particulars in relation to your business required by a potential purchaser.

 first contact with a potential purchaser or vendor, Linkara Capital determines the party’s true level of interest and suitability. During this process only general information is disclosed in relation to your business to protect your identity. Upon determining that the prospective purchaser or seller is appropriate, the candidate must sign a Confidentiality Agreement. Only after the execution of a Confidentiality Agreement is an Information Memorandum presented to the potential candidate.

A confidentiality agreement (CA) or non-disclosure agreement (NDA) is a legally binding document (contract) between two parties stipulating the confidential information which the discloser seeks to protect. Should confidentiality not be maintained, the discloser has a legal course of action against the other party to recover damages.

In today’s electronic environment and fast moving technology Linkara Capital has implemented strict confidentiality measures to ensure that your sensitive information is protected at all times. Registered users of Linkara Capital’s web site are required to read and agree to the privacy Terms & Conditions of use. Prior to access to our confidentiality agreements, prospective buyers are required to agree to these terms and conditions to ensure your information does not become public.