About Us

Linkara Capital was founded by Lindsay Karathanassis with a vision to provide business owners with quality, personal service in relation to buying and selling businesses, obtaining finance and preparing for their future through investment activities.

Through the identification of a gap in the market for personal, yet professional and experienced advisory firms for people buying and selling businesses between $1m and $100m, Linkara Capital Pty Ltd was built.

91 Frederick Street

Why Choose Linkara Capital?


We aim to exceed expectations in the course of providing premium services, realising opportunities and delivering optimum results as business brokers and financial planners. This is achieved through continual education, market research, networking, recognising opportunities and acquiring all necessary resources.

Networks, Experience and Qualifications

Our clients profit from utilizing our services due to our contacts and experience in the premier business market. Our market position has allowed us to generate a comprehensive database of contacts, nationally and internationally in various industries. Extensive experience in the business broking industry allows us to provide our clients with an advantage for both the sale and purchase of premium businesses. Linkara accountants also have a proven track record in investment banking activities. Our clients understand that all transactions are structured around their needs and desires to obtain the best possible outcome. We back this up with the appropriate qualifications, so that you can be sure of choosing the right strategic partner with Linkara Capital.

What We Deal With

Our experience provides us with extensive knowledge relating to:
  • sale and purchase processes
  • taxation considerations
  • appropriate timing for the sale and purchase of business
  • structuring the most beneficial sale or purchase thorough due diligence procedures
  • deciding on the style of transaction (eg earn out or buy out); and
  • the level of warranties given in the purchase or sale

The Chosen Path

The structuring of your transaction is based on knowledge and experience and the path selected is specific to your business, industry and market. Linkara Capital will provide you with a comprehensive marketing plan, utilising a private auction system through our comprehensive list of buyers and sellers, providing the forces necessary to ensure the profitable sale of your business.

Letting You Focus on Business

The successful sale or purchase of a premium business is an involved process. This important decision must be thoroughly examined and analysed. With this in mind, Linkara Capital focuses on the transaction – allowing you to remain focused on operating your business with minimal disruption to your day to day activities.

Who Are Linkara's Clients?

Defined by the Markets

The markets in which we do business determines our client base. These are successful self-made business owners who are prepared to realize present opportunities. Our clients understand business operations and the rise and fall of the business market. They are working towards a financial position where they can enjoy the benefits of their hard work. Linkara Capital selects their clients to ensure a mutually beneficial relationship. Our clients are competitive business people who understand that businesses are not self made. Successful businesses require strategic planning, experienced employees and hard work.

Our Aim for Clients

Our aim is to make our clients’ businesses work for them. Whether it is initiating planning activities and exit strategies for the future sale of their business, or actively seeking a new opportunity for purchase or merger to expand already profitable operations. Whatever direction our clients wish to take, Linkara Capital is here to make their business work harder for them.

A Relationship Based on Respect

Linkara Capital values personal relationships with our clients and will maintain the highest of respect at all times for our clients and business associates. This professional integrity and honesty sets Linkara Capital and their clients apart from others in the market.

Confidentiality Agreement

The nature of the information which is transferred between those parties interested in purchasing, selling or merging companies is highly sensitive and confidential. It is essential that we obtain all of your contact details as well as learn about the nature of your enquiry and suitability to the business of interest. In order to receive a detailed analysis which can assist your decision making process, you are required to have read, completed and signed a Confidentiality Agreement and returned it to Linkara Capital. Please use the enquiry form located on the details page of the business of interest to request this Confidentiality Agreement. We will be in touch with you as soon as possible after receiving your enquiry. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.