Certified Financial Planners & Finance Planning Newcastle

Linkara Accountants can assist you with all financial and financial planning matters.

We are fully qualified as Certified Financial Planners. We have strong direct relationships to many major banks and funding agencies for the supply of corporate finance whether in the form of loans or Finance Lease Arrangements. We can also assist with wealth creation, budgets, investments, risk and protection.

Financial planning is the process of devising an investment strategy to help build wealth and create a financially secure future.  Linkara Accountants works with clients to devise a personal financial plan, through which your short and long-term financial goals are determined and a strategy is devised to successfully achieve these. We work with you to develop an investment strategy across shares, property and other investments to ensure your financial future is planned for.

Our financial plans are devised so that you make the most of your resources at every stage of life. Whether it is building wealth or retirement planning, Linkara Accountants Newcastle can provide a personalised strategy to help you achieve your goals. 

In devising your financial plan, we will lead you through the following stages:  

  • In the initial meeting we discuss your current financial situation, any concerns you may have and your financial and lifestyle goals.
  • Next, our certified financial planners devise a personalised financial plan to assist you in meeting your determined short and long-term goals.
  • We then present you with a personalised financial plan or Statement of Advice. We thoroughly discuss strategies presented and address any questions or concerns.
  • Your financial plan is implemented.
  • Finally, we review and alter your financial plan as your life situation changes or as dictated by the markets.

Fully Accredited Member of FPA
In excess of 10 years of financial planning experience and managing portfolios allows us to provide clients with strategies that achieve real results.  Linkara Accountants is a member of the Financial Planning Association of Australia (FPA). The FPA is recognised internationally as the peak professional body representing the financial planning industry in Australia. Our membership assures you are engaging an accredited, experienced & certified financial planner with access to the most up-to-date resources, products and government legislation.

Strategic Alliances for Your Capital Gain
Linkara Accountants provides advice to our clients through our strategic alliances to assist you in meeting your goals of building wealth and creating lifestyle. We have worked hard to provide solutions that not only present results, but also provide cost efficient needs of running and managing investment portfolios.  Importantly, our certified financial planners are investors themselves and are actively involved in buying and selling shares, purchasing and selling property and other investments. This provides you with advice and personal experience of the necessary processes to ensure the greatest possible financial gains.