About Us

Founded by Lindsay Karathanassis in 1995, Linkara Accountants is one of the most respected accounting firms in Australia.

Our services include Accounting, Audit and Taxation for small to medium businesses and some public companies. Our team ensures you have access to a Registered Auditor, Registered Tax Agent and Certified Financial Planner.

We have a number of years experience in evaluating business enterprises and their strategic plans (at both SME and large public company levels) and their strategic plans moving forward. We see this experience as vital in order to assist any public company in the pursuit of their goals.

Having also established a number of our own successful businesses, we believe our experience and qualifications complement our practical entrepreneurial skills that we have developed over the existence of the Linkara Group corporate structure.

We believe we have the experience, ability and energy to ensure that we would be a valuable contributor to any Board or Clients of the Linkara Group.

Provide assistance for accounting, audit and taxation, and provide those services with the potential of the sale of the entities in the future. Audit skills for small to large companies and applying those skills in the due diligence process of the sale of businesses.

91 Frederick Street